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Malabar Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) has long been a highly coveted spice. In the ancient world, it was second only to gold in value. It was the impetus for the discovery of The Americas as early explorers set out in search for it through an eastern sea route. Since at least 2000 BCE, Black Pepper remains a culinary mainstay of fine cuisine. This 'King of Spices', whether ground or whole, is potent with antioxidants linked with preventing cancer, improving brain functioning, and lowering cholesterol.

Malabar Black Pepper (3 Pack)

SKU: 850030466006
  • Steak seasonings, eggs, golden latte, DIY ant repellant, guacamole, and more!


    To learn more about the evidence-based health benefits of spices and find recipes, visit us at: MYONINE.COM/BLOG

  • SQF Level 2 Certification - NSF Int'l, Certified Ethnic Minority Owned - NMSDC

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